Guaranteed fast service


Spare parts, windshields, cold-chain, medical and scientific materials, stock replenishment, luxury sectors, legal documents, audiovisual equipment… Shipping by air is the recommended method for forwarding a huge variety of sensitive goods and items that need to be delivered fast.

In order to guarantee your delivery times, our team of experienced professionals offers daily merchandise transport by air to and from all around the world. Flights are usually direct, negotiated at preferential rates. Take advantage of early reservations for cargo space (allocations) for your last-minute shipments! Our service is always tailored to meet your needs, with a single point-of-contact to elaborate and track every detail of your shipments, while rigorously respecting the requirements and needs of your activity sector.

  • Daily flights

    for international deliveries, 24 – 72 hours

  • Certified and secure

    airport facilities

  • Dedicated platforms

    by activity and profession for optimal response time

  • Goods repackaging

    to minimize bulk and weight

  • Reinforced package protection

    upon request

Custom service


Packing, protecting, minimizing the bulk and weight of your goods…
SIFA works diligently to ensure that your goods are transported under optimal conditions at all times.

You have a specific need?

We offer competitively-priced consolidation solutions.

Your package is light and small?

Benefit from the flexibility of our messenger offers.

Got an emergency?

With SIFA’s express procedures at our own certified departure and arrival sites, we guarantee you 24 – 72 hour delivery times, depending on the geographical destination and final delivery site.


Roissy, a strategic location


Our ultra-modern warehouse at Roissy is situated right outside Paris at Europe’s highest-performance air traffic hub. This enables us to offer incomparable services for our clients, including:

  • Direct runway access to the international airport
  • Increased flexibility and faster response time for sending and receiving your goods in record time.