Air freight for your express deliveries

Send your goods in record time thanks to our team of air transport professionals. For optimal response times, our warehouses are located either close to or directly on airport runways, such as Roissy Charles de Gaulle.

They trust us :


Deliver merchandise to your clients faster

If you want your goods to arrive at their destination quickly, air freight is the way to go. Shipping by air enables delivery in just a few days.

It is therefore ideal for urgent and delicate deliveries, such as pharmaceutical products, with or without expiration date constraints, industrial and technological equipment, as well as luxury products and products with high added value.

At SIFA, we take care of all your imports and exports, regardless of the type of goods:

  • Health products with cold-chain requirements
  • Medical and scientific equipment
  • Audiovisual and computer equipment
  • Legal documents
  • Spare parts

Ship every day

With SIFA, you get the benefit of daily flights for sending your goods to and from all four corners of the world. Flights are direct, negotiated at preferential rates.
Take advantage of our allotments for your last-minute shipments.


Benefit from complete services

  • Merchandise consolidation at competitive prices
  • Breakdown and repacking to minimize weight
  • Our fast shipping provides flexibility for managing your inventory, ideal for spare parts, etc.
  • A single point of contact dedicated to following up on your shipments
  • Track all your shipments freely and in real-time via your client space
  • Without outsourcing, we have our own teams at SIFA and we are in complete control of our infrastructure, which enables us to act quickly to handle your requests.
  • • We care about the integrity of the goods we carry, and we perform controls when your packages are received. If necessary, we optimize packing, we box, and we isolate your goods so that they travel under the most secure conditions possible.

Secure and certified warehouses


Our warehouses are secured and bonded to protect your goods against theft or damage.

In addition, thanks to our IATA and CERTIPHARM certifications, we can transport hazardous materials and pharmaceutical products, including radioactive substances and psychotropic drugs. For example, our warehouse in Roissy, has cold rooms to keep your products at the right temperature.

Would you like to ship via air freight ?