A logical,

ultra-flexible option


Ideal for its high load capacity, maritime shipping enables you to forward all your heavy and oversized goods at the lowest cost. Manufactured and transformed products, materials, construction, home, agriculture, food products, tourism-related and catering activities, health, transport, leisure, office, cultural products… the list is endless!

SIFA offers you custom services to match your needs:

  • All types of consolidation
  • Small consignment shipping
  • Goods groupage
  • Container space reserved up to departure time
  • Handling all

    your heavy and bulky goods

  • Custom groupage

    for your most demanding consolidations and small shipments

  • Real-time tracking

    Every package is identified, measured, labeled, and traced to ensure real-time tracking

Quality is our priority


SIFA pays close attention to make sure your goods are delivered to their destination in perfect condition.

Single point-of-contact

Working with you at every step of your project.

Security and protection

We protect and verify every order closely upon loading.


SIFA packages, boxes, insulates, and protects your goods upon request.

Online tracking

SIFA makes your tracking easy, with every package identified, measured, and labeled.

Serving major ports


To ensure maximum efficiency for your shipments, SIFA offers locations at France’s major ports: Le Havre, Rouen, Nantes, and Marseille-Fos.

This provides a complete network for all your shipments within France. With its unique network of subsidiaries present in every French department and territory, SIFA is located either directly at the major ports or very nearby.
Our presence in the Caribbean area reaches all the way north to Miami (the American hubs) and south to French Guiana, the gateway to the MERCOSUR region. Our Singapore presence completes the picture to cover the Pacific region.

Lastly, the Group leverages a dense network of partners, carefully chosen for their reliability, to facilitate your exchanges with the rest of the world. This includes the WCA network and Planet Logistics Network.