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The proximity of a local partner

Our agency in Alsace is ideally located at the Strasbourg International Airport, ready to serve both your air and maritime freight forwarding needs. Strongly rooted in local culture, we work with you closely for all your import and export requests. We are near airport and seaport infrastructure in France’s Grand Est region, benefiting from the SIFA Group’s extensive coverage of the DOM/TOM overseas zones. Our network and expertise are at your service.

Certified by various international bodies, we are also authorized to handle your needs relating to health and pharmaceutical products.

We are a flexible agency and proud to be your preferred provider!

For all your requests, contact us by e-mail at  fr-strasbourg-contact@sifalogistics.com or by phone at +33 3 88 11 31 11.

International forwarding

  • Pick-up from your location
  • Air import-export
  • Full containers
  • Maritime consolidation
  • Hazardous goods
  • Refrigerated, agrochemical, pharmaceutical
  • Customs


  • Custom order tracking
  • Personalized services
  • EDI transmission
  • Web tracking
  • OEA (International Air Transport Association) certification
  • Certipharm certified

Contact information

Aérogare de Fret
Rue constellation
Immeuble Saint-Exupéry
Bâtiment A
67960 Entzheim+6+9

Office hours

Monday 9h - 12h30   14h00 - 18h
Tuesday 9h - 12h30   14h00 - 18h
Wednesday 9h - 12h30   14h00 - 18h
Thursday 9h - 12h30   14h00 - 18h
Friday 9h - 12h30   14h00 - 18h
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed