SIFA Guyane

French Guiana, your access to MERCOSUR and the European space adventure

SIFA Guyane naturally serves as your international logistics gateway for Europe and the rest of the world. All business sectors, from traditional to cutting-edge, are handled with the highest level of professionalism and flawless quality standards. Located in the main port zone in French Guiana, in Rémire-Montjoly, SIFA is also very near the airport, offering complete transport and logistics services adapted to local conditions, as well as for Suriname and Brazil.

For all your sea or air shipments, contact us by email at, or by phone at +05 94 35 50 00.


  • A privileged geographical situation in the port of Cayenne, in Rémire-Montjoly
  • Delivery services throughout French Guiana, including remote zones in the traditional seaside area
  • Exclusive access to Brazil with our agents and partners operating on the South American continent

  • Weekly consolidation
  • Storage – Express delivery
  • Forwarding of oversize and special deliveries

  • Regulatory recommendations: customs, phytosanitary, veterinary…
  • Exclusive SIFA web tracking

Further information

Director: Eric DURAND

French Guiana, the gateway to the MERCOSUR Southern Common Market and European space activities. Since it was founded in 1993, SIFA Guyane has accompanied the overseas department’s economic development in a regional and clearly international environment. The overseas and mainland roots of the SIFA Group played a natural part, creating an international logistics gateway to serve both Europe and the rest of the world. The company’s approach takes into account the specific needs of all the local players involved, directly or indirectly, with the prestigious host for outer-space adventures: health, defense, hotels, tourism, construction, materials, wood, electronics, energy, and much more. For all types of clients, from VSEs and SMEs to major companies and groups in public and private business sectors, these activities represent the daily workload of SIFA Guyane teams.
This wide variety of contacts involves specific expertise based on fast response time, operational flexibility, creativity, and inventiveness. Serving clients in an area that represents about one quarter of mainland France, including long-distance road connections, SIFA Guyane offers you services entirely adapted for your needs.

Contact information

ZI de Dégrad des Cannes
97354 Remire Montjoly

Office opening hours

Monday 8h00 - 17h00
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Warehouse opening hours

Monday 8h00 - 16h00
Tuesday 8h00 - 16h00
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