Promoting positive territorial development

Long-term vision has always driven our actions at SIFA, helping to forge our group’s identity with several continuous generations of family ownership, collegiate governance, and a sustainable commitment for social and economic development in France’s overseas territories and all our locations.

For a full access to the SIFA CSR Charter document, clic HERE.


In 2020, we formalized our commitment and desire to endure as official SIFA policy. Our goals are embodied by four key pillars that unite the present with medium- and long-term vision:

  • Integrating ethics in our daily practices
  • Behaving as a responsible employer
  • Respecting the environment and minimizing our impact
  • Focusing on the general interest guiding our actions

This approach helps bring meaning to our activities and gives their ultimate purpose a virtuous perspective, enabling us to:

  • Anticipate constraints and appropriate responses
  • Avoid risks, particularly ecological, social, and legal
  • Strengthen the Group’s attractiveness
  • Consolidate stakeholder loyalty and the Group’s reputation
  • Improve business performance by integrating innovation
  • Reduce resource consumption and non-recyclable waste
  • Focus on local actions to ensure optimal impact on a territory-wide scale

We are leveraging a series of rules and commitments to implement the above points :

  • A code of ethics and anti-corruption measures
  • Environmental policy to be enhanced year after year
  • A responsible purchasing charter
  • Human Relations and Resources policy

Aware of the challenges that we are facing for the coming years, as well as our Group’s responsibility to promote positive development in our territories, we are pleased to give our heart to many projects for a bright future. We look forward to watching them grow with you.

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